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Do you have a network of business and first-class flyers that you think would benefit from saving time and money through leveraging FlyFlat? Do you have a business you work with that does a lot of international travel? 


Michael Goodman

Co-Founder, Oshi Health

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We needed to get to Switzerland for an important presentation and were seeing $20k round-trip business class flights, but FlyFlat managed to get them for us for just $4k.

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CASH Incentives


Receive $250 after someone you referred flies a heavily discounted flight with us, and $100 for every additional flight they book for a year

  • Get cash for referred travel
  • Use an easy to share referral link


Double your commission value and earn $500, then $200 for their ongoing heavily discounted flights towards your next booking!

  • Extra rewards
  • More flying flat for you


Our referral program is the most generous in the air travel industry designed to make it worth your while to connect your network to FlyFlat.

You will earn not just $250 after any person or business you send our way flies their first heavily discounted ticket booked with us, but $100 for every ongoing heavily discounted flight booked within a year after their first booking with us. For a business that has multiple people flying, you will earn $100 for the entire business’s ongoing tickets booked with FlyFlat.

And if you want to take advantage of our ability to offer the best prices on long-haul international business and first class tickets, you can double your commission value by using it as credit for FlyFlat discounted tickets.

What makes a ticket heavily discounted and qualify under the referral program?

If we are able to save the customer referred 20%+, it means the ticket is qualified, which is true for the vast majority of any long-haul, international, business and first class tickets booked with FlyFlat.

When can I use my referral credit?

All referral credit is earned and instantly directly following the FlyFlat customer taking the flight.

We can book one-way, international flights without you paying the typical premium for that flexibility

No minimums on spend or travel volume

We understand that premium service comes down to saving the time of you and your network

What’s next?

Upon registration, by default you will have your own unique link to send to potential customers to sign up for FlyFlat.

If you would rather send them just our normal homepage or make an introduction via WhatsApp, just let us know at [email protected] who you’ve told about FlyFlat and we will manually attribute all of their flights to you.

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