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Get 24/7 luxury concierge support on your flights with or without business / first class

Given the high demand for the FlyFlat platform right now, we are only serving new customers that join the FlyFlat Pro Plan.


The Pro Plan Includes:

Our team is around 24/7 to provide personalized service, ensuring that every trip including last-minute business plans and spontaneous getaways are handled to the highest standards.

Hotel, Train, and Chauffeur Bookings:
We won’t typically have any discounts on trains, ground transport, or non-premium hotels, but we are delighted to book these for our Pro Plan Members. Note for most $300+ a night hotels we'll have a discount and for high-end Hyatt properties, we average 25%+ off retail pricing.

5% Minimum Discount on ALL Biz/First Flights + Even Bigger Discounts Than For Non-Members:
5% is our guaranteed minimum discount for all member premium-bookings, but our heavily discounted long-haul business and first class tickets are also on average 20% cheaper than without the Pro Plan. And we'll sometimes even have similar savings on economy bookings for last minute tickets!

(Nearly) No Booking or Change Fees:
Make changes on flights, hotels, ground transport, and even trains for free, except on air bookings where we are getting you discounts of $500+ off, where the fee is $150 (our non-member change fee is $250)

Personal Miles/Points Support
Free concierge support to use your own miles/points once per quarter (no rollover)  

Free Confirmed Reservations/Tickets to Anywhere
Prefer the flexibility of traveling via one way but need to show a valid continuing/return flight at passport control? We have you covered!  

Our customers love our Pro Plan

Our clients are busy, successful professionals who value their precious time above all else. Hear how Pro Plan members leverage FlyFlat!

Excellent on Trustpilot.Excellent. Only 5 star reviews on Trustpilot.
Our Clients:

“I love just being able to send a text message and know everything is taken care of.”


Steven Noble

Private Investor

By Being on the Pro plan Steven saves an estimated: $18,000 more a year than if on the Free plan, and over $50,000 compared to booking retail flights


“I used to use FlyFlat periodically when in a time crunch but once they eliminated their ticket managing fees for economy tickets with the new subscription plan I now use them for everything.”

Alex Kruger 

Founder and CEO of Scale Army


“For my last trip FlyFlat caught I was going to take a short flight in a new country when I should have driven and proactively suggested a new itinerary. Time savings are time savings so whether through booking or on the ground FlyFlat is always helping me focus on what matters.”


Francis Pedraza

Founder and CEO of Invisible

FlyFlat Pro Plan

Our absolute best pricing on all flights, nearly no change fees, free hotel + train + chauffeur bookings, and personal miles and points support. 

5% Minimum Discount on ALL Biz/First Flights


Save 20% with annual

If you spend $20,000 on business and first-class tickets, you break even on your annual membership spend without a single heavily discounted booking.


Our heavily discounted long-haul business and first class tickets will be on average 20% cheaper than with no subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, our solutions: business and first class travel made easy

  • Business and First Class Consolidators: we have long-standing relationships with dozens of suppliers that have negotiated rates lower than published fares for specific markets and routes.
  • Multi-City Fares with Additional Legs: Airlines use price to compete against each other on a city-by-city basis which means sometimes adding additional legs to an itinerary that you don’t intend to take actually can make the cost of the total itinerary cheaper. At FlyFlat, we often add multiple throwaway legs weeks or months after the desired flights for our clients to get the price down as much as 60% off the retail prices. And unlike the vast majority of sites including Skiplagged and Kayak that offer similar but different fares that are sometimes called ‘hidden city fares’, because of our proprietary ticketing approach, you can always check bags and travel worry-free without any risk.
  • Points Arbitrage: Often airlines use their mileage programs to offer seats at a lower cost without jeopardizing their published rates. We have access to wholesale rates on credit card points from businesses that otherwise wouldn’t use them. This allows us to use all possible mileage inventory available for any given client itinerary without violating any airline terms of service through creating mileage accounts on behalf of our customers and transferring them our proprietary supply of points. Our absolute best deals (60% off+) are generally only possible with points arbitrage.
  • Lower fares through our well-established and trusted relationships with a network of reputable global travel systems, ensuring our clients benefit from exclusive deals and unparalleled savings.
  • Airline commissions through other travel agents where we can pass off the discounts to our clients
  • And in the rare cases when none of the above is possible, we leverage portal arbitrage, booking with high-earning credit cards for air travel, and VPN arbitrage to ensure you NEVER have to pay the retail price for your business and first-class travels with FlyFlat.

We average saving our clients 35% off long-haul international business and first-class tickets through these approaches. We always make sure to save our clients 3% no matter what, and in rare cases we have even saved our clients over 90% off the retail prices.

Nearly every travel company besides FlyFlat makes money one of two ways: selling your data to advertisers + larger travel companies or begging the airlines and hotels for commissions. For these other companies you are not their customer but their product.
At FlyFlat, we don’t have the massive conflict of interest that Expedia, Booking Holdings (Priceline,, etc.), Fareportal, and most of the big travel companies have.
FlyFlat’s business model boils down to taking all the free money the airlines and banks are practically giving away, and giving roughly 80% of those savings to our clients and keeping 20% for ourselves. As a result, unlike nearly every other travel company, the more money we can save you, the more money we make ourselves.
We work with every airline in the world and are able to accommodate any request for a specific flight.  We see our greatest deals most often within the Star Alliance, then SkyTeam, followed by Oneworld.

Yes – there is no charge to have access to our 24/7/365 white glove concierge service for long-haul, international, business and first class bookings. You only pay upon confirming a booking.

That being said right now there is significant demand for the FlyFlat Concierge Platform, so to jump the wait list you can learn more about joining our Pro Plan here.

The short answer is it depends.

The main factors that influence the cost of a ticket are your flexibility, when you are looking to book your travel for, origin airport, and destination airport in that order.

As you can see above on our home page or on our flight examples page, for a client of ours that had flexibility and was flying last minute, they saved 73% off and for that client, they typically save 65% off their flights with us as they are often flexible and traveling shortly after they reach out to us.

And for someone that didn’t have much flexibility and was booking well in advance, we still were able to get them 12% off the retail price.

We have the best deals for customers flying from anywhere in the US & Canada to Europe and vice-versa, Europe to East Asia, and the Middle East to the US & Canada.

No matter the details of your particular travels, we will ALWAYS be able to beat the retail prices for any long-haul, international, business and first-class tickets.

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