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Our 24/7 team provides personalized service, ensuring that every trip along with last-minute business plans and vacation retreats are handled to your benefit at the highest standards.


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Benefit from exclusive discounts on worldwide first-class and business tickets, plus exceptional hotels deals across the globe. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility on one-way travel including changes with minimal fare impact.


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We work proactively to fulfill your particular travel needs and expectations. You'll receive a personal, dedicated 24x7 team to work with you through every phase of your travel, all with no membership fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We save clients an average of 35% on business and first-class international flights by leveraging the most lucrative undiscovered travel secrets including our proprietary access and knowledge of credit card points, airline miles, and hidden city ticketing options.

We average 35% off retail prices for international, business and first-class tickets.

Not every flight is available to book with miles so if you have limited flexibility or you are looking for a specific flight, we may not have a mileage deal that would fit your preference. However, we guarantee at least 5% off any retail international business or first-class flight. No matter what itinerary you are looking for you can be sure you’re getting the best price.

When we book heavily-discounted ticket using miles, you will not earn miles for that flight. Not every ticket we book is with miles, but the best deals typically are.

You don’t earn miles yourself when you book a flight with miles, and flight changes may be a bit difficult. To change a flight you booked with miles, there has to be another flight available with miles which can limit options if availability is scarce. To read our complete policy on changes and cancelations click here.

To book a ticket we need your full legal name, date of birth, and passport information. We also require our clients have a credit card on file with us before their first booking. We ask our new clients to tell us as much about their travel preferences as possible so we can tailor itineraries that fit the client. You can submit this information through your dashboard upon signup. Credit card information is stored separately in Stripe’s secure database.

Most mileage tickets can be changed or canceled for a fee. However, there are a few differences between changing a mileage ticket and a standard retail ticket. To read our full policy on changes and cancelations, click here.

We cannot offer discounts on economy and premium economy tickets because booking these flights with miles is often more expensive than retail prices. If you’d like us to book an economy flights for you, we charge a $100/person fee to do so. If we are booking an economy leg for you as a part of a larger itinerary in business or first class, we won’t charge a fee for that booking.

We require that our clients have a credit card on file with us before the first booking. However, we can take payment many different ways to fit your preferences. Once booking is complete, we’ll send an invoice with payment instructions for whichever payment method you prefer. We currently accept payment via credit card, Zelle, Chase Quickpay, PayPal/Venmo, and ACH, along with various cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, BCH, XMR, and many more.

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