How it works

FlyFlat brings a bespoke, reliable, concierge arm to your business and first class travel booking

Our team of travel professionals bring a knowledge base of the best products in the sky, while providing access to the best pricing and flexibility for your schedule. 24/7/365, all real people aided by proprietary software, supporting any time zone or travel routing. 

1. quick start

We integrate to your day to day

No new apps to download, and choose your favorite chat based platform or email. WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal are what 99% of our clients use but if you have another one you like more, we can likely support it.

Near-Instant Response Times

Most quotes come within one hour of a request, and we are much faster for last-minute and time-sensitive travel

We are 24/7/365

2. Alignment

You onboard to the FlyFlat Concierge Service

We get to know your travel preferences, frequent flier numbers, and anything you want to share to make your experience the best possible. All preferences including seat selection, favorite meals, and payment method get kept on file to keep the process turnkey for you. Get used to only having to send a few messages to book your future global travels! 

Whether you always need WiFi or have strong hard-product preferences, there is no request too small for us to take into account

All of your data is all secured to the highest standards: view our privacy policy here

We work with individuals to entire executive teams with support staff

3. Travel as needed

Reach out anytime for a booking

The team is ready to assist you with any of your international travel needs, including black cars, trains, helicopters and hotel bookings. Whenever you are ready to make a booking just send a message and you’ll have an option delivered in under a couple of hours, and much quicker for last-minute travel.

Prefer a non-stop and willing to pay more for it? Want to get there in the shortest period of time but not pay more than $4k? Need wifi no matter what? We’ll be in touch promptly with flight options that match your needs.

FlyFlat uses a proprietary waterfall system of dealhunting with over eleven proven strategies for global business and first class travel to find the best route for your unique needs at the best price, guaranteed.

We can book one-way, international flights

Most quotes come within one hour of a request, and we are much faster for last-minute and time-sensitive travel

We are 24/7/365

4. set up for Success

We always have your back when you’re on the road

Our worldwide concierge team is on call 24/7/365 to circumvent the inevitable curve balls of your global travel. Whether you need to cancel your flight, or need an expert to guide you on convincing the gate agent to put you on the better route they’re not supposed to, we have you covered.

We call the airlines on your behalf

We are with you strategizing when the inevitable travel problems arise

Even if you’re just looking for last-minute hotel booking advice, we’re here for you!



Our clients are busy, successful professionals who value their precious time above all else. We are proud to say that everyone from business owners, hedge fund GPs, and entire tech startups love FlyFlat!

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