FlyFlat is a luxury concierge platform offering the best value for long-haul, international, business & first class tickets.

FlyFlat saves an average of 35% off retail prices and we offer the biggest savings for one-ways and last minute flights where we can
save our clients up to 80% off.

Michael Goodman

Co-Founder, Oshi Health

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We needed to get to Switzerland for an important presentation and were seeing $20k round-trip business class flights, but FlyFlat managed to get them for us for just $4k.

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Access the inaccessible

Our proprietary inventory gives you significant discounts on long-haul international flights while accommodating any changes with minimal fare or airline impact.

We can book one-way, international flights without you paying the typical premium for that flexibility

No minimums on spend

No minimums on travel volume


We Are Time-Saving Specialists

Our team is around 24/7 to provide personalized service, ensuring that every trip including last-minute business plans and spontaneous getaways are handled to the highest standards.

We support WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Facebook Messenger, text, or whatever chat platform you prefer

We understand that premium service comes down to saving you time


Our clients are busy, successful professionals who value their precious time above all else. We are proud to say that everyone from individual hedge fund managers to entire tech startups with 50+ people that love FlyFlat!

We travel with

International business and first class travel: simplified

Up to 73% off International Premium-Cabin Travel

Enjoy Industry leading discounts and let FlyFlat take all the guesswork out of booking and managing your business travel.

Our team is prepared to work with members of your organization to provide first-class services, not only booking discounted flights in first and business class, but also including arranging transportation and accommodations. We take care of your travel logistics, leaving your time of focus on the bigger picture for your business.

24/7 Support

At the click of a button, you can be in touch with our travel experts to get the support and service you need.

No Need To Search Again

Stop wasting time searching for flights and book worry free with FlyFlat knowing that you got the best possible deal on your global travels.

Unbelievable cost savings

With an extensive travel network we are able to offer up to 35% of on international first and business class flights.

Personalization For Each Traveler

With the ability to store travelers's preferences, loyalty numbers, and more so you don't need to follow up.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Business and First Class Consolidators: we have long-standing relationships with dozens of suppliers that have negotiated rates lower than published fares for specific markets and routes.
  • Hidden-City Fares: Airlines use price to compete against each other on a city-by-city basis which means sometimes adding additional legs to an itinerary that you don’t intend to take actually can make the cost of the total itinerary cheaper. At FlyFlat, we often add multiple throwaway legs weeks or months after the desired flights for our clients to get the price down as much as 60% off the retail prices. And unlike the vast majority of sites including Skiplagged and Kayak that offer hidden city tickets, because of our proprietary ticketing approach, you can always check bags and travel worry-free without any risk.
  • Mileage Arbitrage: Often airlines use their mileage programs to offer seats at a lower cost without jeopardizing their published rates. We have access to wholesale rates on airline miles and credit card points from businesses that otherwise wouldn’t use them. This allows us to use all possible mileage inventory available for any given client itinerary. Our absolute best deals (60% off+) are generally only possible with miles and points arbitrage.
  • Lower fares through our well-established and trusted relationships with a network of reputable global travel systems, ensuring our clients benefit from exclusive deals and unparalleled savings.
  • Airline commissions through other travel agents where we can pass off the discounts to our clients
  • And in the rare cases when none of the above is possible, we leverage portal arbitrage, booking with high-earning credit cards for air travel, and VPN arbitrage to ensure you NEVER have to pay the retail price for your business and first-class travels with FlyFlat.

We average saving our clients 35% off long-haul international business and first-class tickets through these approaches. We always make sure to save our clients 3% no matter what, and in rare cases we have even saved our clients over 90% off the retail prices.

Nearly every travel company besides FlyFlat makes money one of two ways: selling your data to advertisers + larger travel companies or begging the airlines and hotels for commissions. For these other companies you are not their customer but their product.
At FlyFlat, we don’t have the massive conflict of interest that Expedia, Booking Holdings (Priceline,, etc.), Fareportal, and most of the big travel companies have.
FlyFlat’s business model boils down to taking all the free money the airlines and banks are practically giving away, and giving roughly 80% of those savings to our clients and keeping 20% for ourselves. As a result, unlike nearly every other travel company, the more money we can save you, the more money we make ourselves.
We work with every airline in the world and are able to accommodate any request for a specific flight.  We see our greatest deals most often within the Star Alliance, then SkyTeam, followed by Oneworld.
Yes – there is no charge to have access to our 24/7/365 white glove concierge service. You only pay upon confirming a booking.

The short answer is it depends.

The main factors that influence the cost of a ticket are your flexibility, when you are looking to book your travel for, origin airport, and destination airport in that order.

As you can see above on our home page or on our flight examples page, for a client of ours that had flexibility and was flying last minute, they saved 73% off and for that client, they typically save 65% off their flights with us as they are often flexible and traveling shortly after they reach out to us.

And for someone that didn’t have much flexibility and was booking well in advance, we still were able to get them 12% off the retail price.

We have the best deals for customers flying from anywhere in the US & Canada to Europe and vice-versa, Europe to East Asia, and the Middle East to the US & Canada.

No matter the details of your particular travels, we will ALWAYS be able to beat the retail prices for any long-haul, international, business and first-class tickets.

FlyFlat has become the secret weapon of some of the world's biggest investors and entrepreneurs in tech, finance, and crypto.

Before there was FlyFlat, the current leadership team’s collective experience in travel hacking and personally leveraging credit card miles and points allowed them to fly around the world, nearly for free, in some of the nicest airline products for years. Years after their nomadic adventures and a couple of other travel hacking businesses created, FlyFlat began as a side hustle saving business owners thousands of dollars for last minute, long-haul, business and first class tickets.

FF Logomark secret

Six years following the mileage arbitrage side hustle launching, FlyFlat today uses proprietary technology to save our clients serious time and money in all sorts of ways beyond just miles and points arbitrage. We are proud that our platform now regularly utilizies 11 different strategies to make sure our clients never pay the retail price under any circumstance.

FlyFlat’s business model boils down to taking all the free money the airlines and banks are practically giving away, and giving roughly 80% of those savings to our clients and keeping 20% for ourselves. As a result, unlike nearly every other travel company, the more money we can save you, the more money we make ourselves.

FlyFlat strives to always deliver a convenient and affordable alternative to time-consuming self-service travel booking for long-haul, international, premium cabin travel. And powered by not just software, but a team of 14 people and growing travel experts, you can rest assured that once you book with FlyFlat, there is always a real human that has your back when on the road.

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