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Your questions, our solutions: business and first class travel made easy

FlyFlat saves an average of 35% off retail prices and we offer the biggest savings for one-ways and last minute flights.

Why Work with FlyFlat?

  • Business and First Class Consolidators: we have long-standing relationships with dozens of suppliers that have negotiated rates lower than published fares for specific markets and routes.
  • Multi-City Fares with Additional Legs: Airlines use price to compete against each other on a city-by-city basis which means sometimes adding additional legs to an itinerary that you don’t intend to take actually can make the cost of the total itinerary cheaper. At FlyFlat, we often add multiple throwaway legs weeks or months after the desired flights for our clients to get the price down as much as 60% off the retail prices. And unlike the vast majority of sites including Skiplagged and Kayak that offer similar but different fares that are sometimes called ‘hidden city fares’, because of our proprietary ticketing approach, you can always check bags and travel worry-free without any risk.
  • Points Arbitrage: Often airlines use their mileage programs to offer seats at a lower cost without jeopardizing their published rates. We have access to wholesale rates on credit card points from businesses that otherwise wouldn’t use them. This allows us to use all possible mileage inventory available for any given client itinerary without violating any airline terms of service through creating mileage accounts on behalf of our customers and transferring them our proprietary supply of points. Our absolute best deals (60% off+) are generally only possible with points arbitrage.
  • Lower fares through our well-established and trusted relationships with a network of reputable global travel systems, ensuring our clients benefit from exclusive deals and unparalleled savings.
  • Airline commissions through other travel agents where we can pass off the discounts to our clients
  • And in the rare cases when none of the above is possible, we leverage portal arbitrage, booking with high-earning credit cards for air travel, and VPN arbitrage to ensure you NEVER have to pay the retail price for your business and first-class travels with FlyFlat.

We average saving our clients 35% off long-haul international business and first-class tickets through these approaches. We always make sure to save our clients 3% no matter what, and in rare cases we have even saved our clients over 90% off the retail prices.

Our clients are busy, successful professionals who value their precious time above all else. This includes business owners across all industries, hedge fund managers, world-class musicians, venture and private equity GPs, and philanthropists. We work with individuals as well as entire startups with 50+ people that travel globally on a monthly basis.

Some of our clients include Praxis, RampRate, SS&K, Forkast Labs, and Sanford Rose Associates

We work with every airline in the world and are able to accommodate any request for a specific flight.  We see our greatest deals most often within the Star Alliance, then SkyTeam, followed by Oneworld.

The more last-minute and the more flexible your travel is, the higher probability is of getting a great deal through FlyFlat. And for our Pro Plan members, we guarantee 5% off ALL business and first class tickets. 

We’re absolutely happy to help you with both hotel and transportation as part of your flight booking – we do this free of charge for our Pro Plan members.

For all new clients, we always encourage you to chat with our Head of VIP Concierge Services to get to know some of the brains behind what we do here at FlyFlat. Yes, a real conversation with a real human being! Please click here or the get started button elsewhere on the homepage, and after a few questions you will be able to schedule a call.

In addition, scroll up and see the logos of the companies we have been proud to serve for years and testimonials from their executive teams. You can also view our verified authentic reviews on TrustPilot here.

And if you’d like to have a reference call or email with a client or two of ours, we have many long-standing happy clients of ours that would be delighted to tell you about their experiences working with us.

Nearly every travel company besides FlyFlat makes money one of two ways: selling your data to advertisers + larger travel companies or begging the airlines and hotels for commissions. For these other companies you are not their customer but their product.
At FlyFlat, we don’t have the massive conflict of interest that Expedia, Booking Holdings (Priceline,, etc.), Fareportal, and most of the big travel companies have.
FlyFlat’s business model boils down to taking all the free money the airlines and banks are practically giving away, and giving roughly 80% of those savings to our clients and keeping 20% for ourselves. As a result, unlike nearly every other travel company, the more money we can save you, the more money we make ourselves.

You don’t earn miles yourself when you book a flight with us where we transfer points to a mileage account that is then created in your name.

In addition, changes and cancellations can also be a little more difficult. To change a flight we booked with miles we’ll need corresponding flight inventory available with miles to make the change. To read our complete policy on changes and cancelations click here.

Please click here or the get started button elsewhere on the homepage, and after a few questions you will be able to schedule a call with our Head of VIP Concierge Services.

Please click here or the get started button elsewhere on the homepage, and fill out the information requested, and one of our concierges will be in touch with you shortly to get you booked!

We are able to offer discounted rates off our Pro Plan membership to enterprise customers. Get Started today to schedule a call today with FlyFlat’s Head of VIP Concierge Services to learn more about how we work with small to medium enterprises.

Pricing and Fees

Yes – there is no charge to have access to our 24/7/365 white glove concierge service for long-haul, international, business and first class bookings. You only pay upon confirming a booking.

That being said right now there is significant demand for the FlyFlat Concierge Platform, so to jump the wait list you can learn more about joining our Pro Plan here.

The short answer is it depends.

The main factors that influence the cost of a ticket are your flexibility, when you are looking to book your travel for, origin airport, and destination airport in that order.

As you may have seen on our Flight Deal Examples page, for a client of ours that had flexibility and was flying last minute, they saved 73% off. For that client, they typically save 65% off their flights with us as they are often flexible and traveling shortly after they reach out to us.

And for someone that didn’t have much flexibility and was booking well in advance, we still were able to get them 12% off the retail price.

We have the best deals for customers flying from anywhere in the US & Canada to Europe and vice-versa, Europe to East Asia, and the Middle East to the US & Canada.

No matter the details of your particular travels, we will ALWAYS be able to beat the retail prices for any long-haul, international, business and first-class tickets.

Credit card, ACH, wire, Venmo, Paypal, or almost any cryptocurrency you can think of including BTC, ETH, SOL, and XMR. We are always happy to accommodate your payment preference.

We never charge any booking or service fees to book our discounted long-haul, international, business and first class flight bookings.

We charge $250 to change or cancel a booking.

We charge fees on the vast majority of economy + premium economy tickets and sometimes for shorter-haul business and first-class tickets that we are not able to get discounts on.

For hotels, we never charge fees ever.

For transportation like trains, car and limousine rides to and from the airport, and helicopters, we charge a $100 per ticket service fee.

FlyFlat Enterprise customerswe do not charge any booking or service fees ever on anything. Enterprise customers pay a monthly retainer depending on how large their executive team is and how often they travel. This retainer can be put towards any and all travel booked through FlyFlat and is not limited to air travel. If for whatever reason our enterprise customers don’t travel or book travel in a given month, all monthly retainers carry forward for future travel and never expire.

Click here to view our pricing page and learn the full details on individual and enterprise fees.

For those that aren’t Pro Plan members, if you want FlyFlat to book and manage economy flights or the occasional short haul business or first class flight, we charge a $100 service fee.

With this fee, you get a dedicated 24/7/365 concierge team whose sole job it is to help our clients save time and money on their travels.

For our airline bookings you will have your seats and meals picked to your preferences, with all relevant frequent flier and known traveler numbers added to your reservation

We leverage our own technology, 3rd party software, and good old-fashioned double and triple checking from our human concierges to always make sure that your flight, hotel, train, etc. is on time without delays or cancellations. In the event there is a disruption to your travel plans, we will then inform you instantly and proactively make alternative arrangements. Should you be at the airport and learn of a cancellation or delay before us, our team is ready to step in and assist you with alternate options for your trip.

If you book anything with FlyFlat, your days of calling airlines, hotels, and other travel providers are over. We cover all the annoying hassles for you so you can just send us a text message or two and travel easy knowing that you’re getting the best deal on the best itinerary possible for your needs.

And if you travel a lot and want to experience all of this for any airline ticket, hotel, or train that you book without ANY booking fees, our Pro Plan members never pay any booking fees.

We charge change fees because unlike booking a normal ticket, to get a heavily discounted ticket there is a lot of leg work behind the scenes involved to make that happen. So when there is a change or cancellation, even with utilizing our proprietary software, we are on average looking at at least an hour of 1-2 members of our team’s time to make the change or cancellation happen. In addition, for a subset of our heavily discounted tickets, FlyFlat pays additional fees to fulfillment partners and consolidators we have contracts with on top of whatever the airline may charge.

For Pro Plan members, we don’t charge any change fees beyond $150 for the most complicated of heavily-discounted bookings (where you’re always saving at least $500 off the retail prices!).

Discounts are rare but for flights booked within 72 hours of the flight, we often will be able to find a discounted enough economy ticket that we will not need to charge a service fee.

Our concierge service includes any retail economy flights you would like to book and for individuals we charge a $100/ticket fee, and for Pro Plan members or enterprise customers there is no fee. 

And if FlyFlat books you an economy leg as a part of a larger itinerary in business or first class we will never charge a fee for that booking.


We are always behind the scenes watching you every step of the way 24/7/365, checking every flight and re-confirming every service request like seat selection, meals, etc. multiple times between your booking and your flight. Nevertheless, sometimes force majeure such as bad weather, airline IT issues, or agent incompetence brings problems such as canceled flights or missed connections. When that occurs, we immediately take action to find a solution, and we stay in very close contact with you in whatever communication method you prefer until the issue is resolved.

To book most tickets we just need the full legal name and date of birth of anyone traveling. For a minority of tickets we will also need your passport information. We also require our clients to have a credit card on file with us before their first booking. Credit card information is stored securely with Stripe and no one on the FlyFlat team ever has access to the actual credit card number.

In addition to the essential information above, we ask our new clients to tell us as much about their travel preferences as possible so we can tailor itineraries and experiences that fit our clients needs and desires from day one. This information is submitted through a secure form where only FlyFlat team members that need to view the information as part of a booking have access to it.

We take our client’s data very seriously and we have never been hacked or have had any client data leak in the six years we have been in business. Click here to view our full privacy policy.

Our concierge team as a default takes care of booking the best seats and meals depending on the preferences our clients have.

Yes, unless otherwise specified our discount tickets have the same access to business-class lounges as normal full-priced tickets.

All of your booked itineraries may be accessed via the Travefy app – upon every booking we send you a confirmed itinerary you can view in your browser or via the Travefy app.

And if you happen to be in NYC, our beta for FlyFlat Deals is now live. FlyFlat Deals is an aggregate of the best deals available in the world in business class to and from NYC we have worldwide to enjoy some serious privacy onboard without breaking the bank. This is the first product in the world that allows you to book a heavily discounted deal instantly without having to interact with a human. Coming soon to more cities!

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